Describes a license or contract that appears during the setup of a software program or online service and that requires the user to click a button to agree to the terms of the license. Also: clickwrap.
Example Citations:
Sometimes a contract is a mouse click away-all of the free e-mail services and commercial ISPs use 'click-wrap' contracts, which, similar to their counterparts for shrink-wrapped software, require users to agree to conditions before using a service. The ubiquitous I Accept button lets the service provider deny responsibility if things go wrong.
—Anita Susan Brenner, "Contractual Obligations - Click here to waive your rights," Smart Business, September 1, 2000
Several states have already passed digital-contract legislation and 21 have bills pending so far this year. Experts also say so-called click-wraps, those ubiquitous contractual agreements consumers face, for example, when downloading software, will likely draw legislative attention.
—Kelly Hearn, "Wild Web hears hoofbeats of lawmakers," Christian Science Monitor, February 14, 2000
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In many click-wrap situations, the user must only agree to the terms and conditions by clicking on an "I Agree" button. ... This is not say that click-wrap agreements are not enforceable — they are.
—L. J. Kutten, "Computer Software: Protection Liability Law Forms," West Group Publishing, December 1, 1987
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